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Watch Wrong Turn Movie Online Streaming No Downloading. A turn down an uncharted dirt road leads six young people into a night of pure terror in this horror story. Chris (Desmond Harrington) is driving through West Virginia on his way to a job interview when an auto accident slows highway traffic to a near standstill. Afraid he'll be late, Chris takes a detour down an old dirt road; a distracted Chris doesn't see an SUV stuck in the middle of the road before it's too late, and he plows into the back after his tires suddenly blow. The driver of the SUV, Jessie (Eliza Dushku), was out on a camping trip with four of her friends -- Evan (Kevin Zegers), Francine (Lindy Booth), Carly (Emmanuelle Chriqui), and Scott (Jeremy Sisto) -- when their tires went out, and as Jessie and Chris compare notes on their accidents, they discover that the road has been sabotaged with barbed wire. With both parties in need of a telephone, Evan and Francine are left to look after the cars while the other four set out to find help. However, Evan and Francine soon discover they've been led into a horrible trap, and as Chris, Jessie, and their friends search for help, they find that they've fallen victim not to local pranksters, but a gang of inbred backwoods killers with a taste for blood. Wrong Turn was produced in part by Stan Winston, a legendary special-effects artist whose work has appeared in such films as Jurassic Park, Aliens, and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi. If you like this Movie you can watch this movie HERE
Movie Release Date May 30, 2003 Wide

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Desmond Harrington,Eliza Dushku,Emmanuelle Chriqui,Jeremy Sisto,Kevin Zegers,Lindy Booth,Julian Richings,Garry Robbins,Ted Clark,Yvonne Gaudry,Joel Harris,David Huband,Wayne Robson,James Downing

Genres Wrong Turn : Mystery & Suspense,Horror

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User Rating Wrong Turn : 3.1
User Percentage For Wrong Turn : 63 %
User Count Like for Wrong Turn : 134,181
All Critics Rating For Wrong Turn : 4.3
All Critics Count For Wrong Turn : 77
All Critics Percentage For Wrong Turn : 40 %

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Review For Wrong Turn

While this movie doesn't have the warped sensibilities of 1977's similarly plotted The Hills Have Eyes, it has decent performances and genuine suspense.
John Monaghan-Detroit Free Press

It's gruesome and nasty and a heck of a lot of fun for people who get a kick out of Fangoria.
Randy Cordova-Arizona Republic

A blood-simple backwoods spatterfest that makes shameless use of the same old antirural moonshine Hollywood's been bootlegging for decades.
Scott Brown-Entertainment Weekly

Lazy would-be horror film.
Anita Gates-New York Times

A negative pickup by Fox, dumped into theaters on Friday without benefit of press previews, Wrong Turn is steeped only in frightless torpor.
Scott Foundas-Variety

Schmidt makes us flinch the old-fashioned way -- by giving us a box seat to the unspeakable.
Glenn Lovell-San Jose Mercury News

The understatement of the year. Essentially, ax-wielding rednecks unite in a slasher flick that drives itself into a brick wall of no return.
Christopher Smith-Bangor Daily News (Maine)

It gives what it promises: violence, creeps, and solid performances from the great cast...
Felix Vasquez Jr.-Cinema Crazed

It's the usual quick-cut, this-is-all-we-can-show-you R-rated mayhem.

A cut above the recent lot of slasher does not feel as if it has to cater to audiences who want every plot point spoon fed to them.
Bill Clark-FromTheBalcony

Headed in only one direction: straight into the toilet.
Nick Schager-Lessons of Darkness

Ao contrário da maior parte das produções do gênero realizadas nos últimos anos, este filme acaba se revelando acima da média graças à boa direção de Rob Schmidt.
Pablo Villaca-Cinema em Cena

...talent does not matter much, just as long as the women?who, of course, all look like supermodels?wear skimpy, transparent outfits throughout the movie.
Blake French-NutzWorld

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